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I began “Vitantonio TWISTEA” sale.

※I quoted the image.
I began sale of tea bottle “TWISTEA”  where the function of the teapot (teapot) and the portability of the teacup (tumbler) became one.
“Vitantonio” is the Japanese cooking household appliance brand which is famous for waffle Baker, but, after a simple, stylish design, it is functional and, like “ビタントニオ ,” is a tea bottle of high quality.
“TWISTEA”  is favorite deepness and the gem which can coordinate extraction time by oneself.
The former filter kept on soaking it if I rank hot water once, but 2 roasting eyes, 3 roasting eyes are delicious, and this can have a tea leaf if it is in favorite deepness because I can separate.
In addition, it is not hot and does not do it for the purpose of the thermal insulation even if I grasp it well because a bottle becomes the dual structure, but keeps coldness and heat for a while.
In the case of the tea which I made with getting out water and getting out ice, I am thankful for the structure not to get desks wet because I prevent dew condensation.
Please refer to this for the details.
Retail price 2, 400 yen (tax-excluded)

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