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It began selling fair exhibition shallow steamed and deep steamed tea.

Fairs, including the each municipality unit, county, regional division, one that has been held in the fall from the summer on a nationwide scale, has become a stage to compete for technology force the hassle and expense.
There, the young bud that picked the most delicious time taking advantage of the accumulated over many years experience and skill, it has sent.
This “fair exhibition tea” is a tea that was prepared in the same processing technology and tea Sell there.
The first is a process, “steamed” of the time to build a tea from the leaves, refers to about 20 seconds from 10 seconds to as “shallow steamed”, it refers to those on the order of 180 seconds from 90 seconds to as “deep steamed”.
Taste, aroma, color balanced fair exhibition tea of harmony, we have a good reputation.
Each will be sold at 2,000 yen / 100g (excluding tax).

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