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Thank you for this year.

It was a little place to leave this year.
This year also our Yokota Garden and was Thank you for patronage the confectionery sector TOBLOOM.
This year goes toYasuhiro Yokota the representation right from Hiroshi Yokota predecessor, as an improvement plan in the management plane, “full-scale entry into the sixth-order industrialization,” “entry into the electric power sales business,” “Home of the update,” “of the POS cash register performs deployment “, etc., it was one year where the various challenges.
Tea industry-wide movement, including the export is also important, but I thought opinions and preferences from the customers and it is important most.
Reflecting these developments will continue to work hard to delicious Sayama tea making more than ever.
Also next to the countryside, as well as, thank you the confectionery sector TOBLOOM next year.

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