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The season for hay fever is just around the corner. Please take early measures.

According to the 2021 pollen dispersal forecast, cedar pollen dispersal is expected to start from Kyushu to Kanto as usual or earlier, and in Hokuriku and Tohoku as usual.
Did you know that methylated catechin, which is a kind of tea catechin contained in “Benifuuki green tea”, is effective in preventing allergies to pollinosis?
It has been confirmed that if you start drinking this “Benifuuki Green Tea” for seasonal allergic rhinitis 1.5 months before the cedar pollen is scattered, the effect of improving nasal congestion will be more effective than drinking after the time of scattering. It seems that it has been done.
In addition, it has been confirmed in human studies that the addition of ginger extract enhances the allergy-reducing effect of “Benifuuki” green tea.
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* According to a clinical study conducted by the Tea Consortium, one of the catechins contained in “Benifuuki”, epigallocatechin-3-O- (3-O-methyl) gallate (EGCG3 “Me) (commonly known as methylated catechin)” It was found that strictinin, an anti-allergic ingredient, has an improving effect on so-called “allergic symptoms” such as pollinosis and atopy.
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