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We have started selling “Hojicha syrup”.

Hojicha syrup using Hojicha from Yokotaen is now on sale at “Utsuwa to Cafe Lim.” In front of Komaba Todai Station and Yokotaen.
Produced by barista Hibiki Fujioka, it is a gem that is comparable to the world of coffee as well as the world of tea.
If you dilute it 3 to 4 times with milk or water, it will become a latte that you can enjoy the gentle sweetness and the soothing aroma of roasted green tea, and you can use it in various ways such as ice cream or pancakes.
The only ingredients are roasted green tea and sugar, and it is a healthy product with little caffeine.
It will be 250 ml / 1200 yen (tax included).
Thank you very much.
Lim. Container and Cafe (
* In addition, it is currently backordered due to its popularity. The next arrival is scheduled for mid-January.

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