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Do not try to daily habit?

I think not many people you have to practice the “gargle” for the prevention of influenza.
But, yes there is also a theory that no effect on influenza me “gargle”.
Guidelines from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has been announced for the prevention of influenza.
Items that are recognized to have efficacy flu in its contents,
Vaccination before
① epidemic
② cough etiquette as a droplet infection control
③ after going out hand washing, etc.
④ retention of moderate humidity
⑤ and take nutritional intake of adequate rest and balanceRefrain from
⑥ go out to the crowd and downtown
“Gargle” to the flu of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry in things that I do not enter.
Influenza virus is incorporated into the cells in about 20 minutes infection to the mucous membranes of the infectivity is very strongly airway seems to keep up with growth.
Therefore there is no effect on influenza prevention have to gargle every 20 minutes, it is so is he the reason why because.
While it is said that there is no effect of gargle to flu since there is no scientific evidence,
2006, component “catechin” contained in green tea has been proven, it is scientifically is effective in influenza prevention.
The probability according to the flu compared to the group that did not have a group that is a gargle with green tea in this experiment was low. And it has a result that.
The probability, seems to have been 1.3% versus 10%.
It is a result of the effect of “catechin” included in green tea rather than the effect of gargling itself was observed.
That has been effective in the same way flu even just drink “gargle” green tea instead of normally.
That is a result of the fact that there is an effect on influenza prevention by making the “gargle with green tea” has been proven with the scientific evidence. I will say that.
After a gargle with tea, better swallowed is, there is also a theory that.
On the throat of the mucous membrane that accumulates germs in there if there are folds downward, infection is the reason is that there is little to virus infection and once you swallow because that occurs from the peripheral throat.
So, it is of course okay only drink green tea normally.
The catechin is a of is included most “green tea”, oolong and black tea that is fermented has become smaller than catechin content in green tea.
For influenza prevention and drink gargle with green tea or green tea, and will be an effective method is that.
Signs of the epidemic of influenza came out.
Why not the “green tea gargle” to the daily habit.

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