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We would like you to know the approach to many people.

Home with the management form of tea called “garden on your own  self-made-house sales” include, but is said to the representative of the sixth-order industrialization, we are working more than ever to the management of diversification (6 primary industrialization) .
One of them is the confectionery sector “TO BLOOM“.
The sixth-order industrialization, and effective use of “local resources”, rather than just agriculture, forestry and fisheries (primary industry workers) as a raw material supplier of the past, its own processing (secondary industry) and distribution and sales refers to work on (tertiary industry), it is to aim to improve the job security and income of rural areas.
Efforts of diversification of this business (6 primary industrialization) is expected to lead to the activation of the area.
By the fact that the efforts be published in a booklet issued by the home page as well as the prefecture of Saitama Prefecture, it was done the shooting.
Believe that will lead to the activation of the area, I think we want to know a lot of people, even one person to our efforts.

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