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I began “Sayama tea paste” sale.

I began sale of “the Sayama tea paste” which used 100% of tea leaves of “the green which boiled over” of Saitama encouragement kind harvested at a self farm.
It is paste made with only Sayama tea and water.
It is the tea of the new style that held all of active ingredients which original tea has. 
When the conventional powdery tea and drink tea heat-treat it, I change, and green of nature discolors brown, but green is maintained because this “Sayama tea paste” fixes tea leaf magnesium without using the additives such as coloring agents entirely without changing color even if I heat-treat it.
How to use is freedom in paste-formed one.
Even if even if use it for a dish, dissolve it in water, and just drink; the nourishment of the tea leaf as for every circle.
I receive it for one bag of 100 g and send it in a pack.

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