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I thank for having been able to make an opportunity


“A person of 2018 Iruma district young man agriculture meeting” was held led by a person of young man agriculture to belong to the Four-H club of Kawagoe agriculture and forestry promotion center and the Hanno agriculture and forestry promotion center jurisdiction in Sayama-shi civic center small hall on last Wednesday, January 16, 2019.
The presentation of the project activities of the member of Four-H club was held in the first half, and problem announcement was carried out from the Four-H club of five jurisdiction.
I got up to a part of the latter half and gave a lecture in a title called “activation … of the regional economy using the sixth industry and local branding – Sayama tea”.
Came to an idea-like, but, as for the contents about the “local brand” “regional economy” derived from mental attitude and there to producers engaged in the sixth industry, management feels like sympathy of much having been got.
I want to do my best more and more without thanking the members who had you make such an opportunity concerned, and treating this.

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