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It was certified as “Saitama Prefecture hometown authentication food Premium”

It was created in our confectionery department TO BLOOM “Yokota Garden handmade saturation of chiffon cake (Sayama green tea),” “Yokota Garden handmade saturation of chiffon cake (Sayama tea) of”, “Yokota Garden handmade colors of chiffon cake (roasted tea)” ” 5 points of deep steamed tea ball handmade saturation of Yokota Garden “,” Yokota Garden of handmade saturation of cookies “has been authenticated as” Saitama Prefecture hometown authentication food Premium “.8.151
The “oldness Authentication Food”, (1) in the main raw material is all Saitama Prefecture, (2) are manufactured in Saitama Prefecture, (3) and the like as little as possible using food additives, and that it meets the quality standards of the prefecture a is processed food Ken has authenticated.
Hometown authentication food system has been implemented in the prefectures of about half of the country, it is what each prefecture is authenticating the specialty products stuck to each material and manufacturing method.
In addition, among hometown authentication food, system to authenticate began from 2012 fiscal year processed foods in which the selection of county agricultural products and 100% main raw material as a “premium”.
Certification mark, three red “E” is placed in the form of “goods” of food, represents the “Iishina”.
Each of E is,
excellent quality Excellent quality
Accurate display Exact expression
In harmony with the local environment harmony with Ecology
I mean.
This “three red E mark” is a uniform national mark of hometown authentication food.
In Saitama Prefecture, it has been designed with the modeled S of Saitama rich “water and green” light blue and green line the image of that produce high-quality agricultural products in Saitama to this.
Handmade chiffon cake three
Handmade cookies
Deep steamed tea cookies

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