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“Sai no Sasae” will be on sale from today.

~ Sandwich cookie of tea and roasted green tea ~
“Sai no Sasae” is on sale from December 21st today.
This is a gem that you can enjoy the original flavor of tea by sandwiching cream kneaded with roasted green tea from Sayama city with cookies containing Sayama sencha.
This “Sasae” is named after the desire for people to support each other and feel the blessings of tea.
In addition, this package was designed by Tsumori Chisato, an international designer from Sayama City, and was realized for the purpose of regional promotion.
From today, you can purchase it at Sayama City Tea Industry Association member shops, prefecture service areas, parking areas, agricultural products direct sales offices in Sayama city, etc.
The price is 680 yen (tax included) per box, and 8 sandwich cookies with the image of tea leaves are included.

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