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To improve the chemistry of the soil

Improving the chemical properties of soil is also called “soil improvement”.
We will check the excess and deficiency from the results of the soil diagnosis performed in the past days. The main components of chemical properties are pH, nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potash (lime), and magnesium (magnesium).
It is not necessary to be particular about the timing of soil improvement, but it is generally done before the application of autumn fertilizer.
Since tea plants prefer acidic soil, the acidity of the soil should be 4 to 5 (neutral = 7), and if the pH is 4 or less, a neutralizing agent is added.
Effective materials include magnesium lime containing lime and organic lime. In addition, it is difficult to see a shortage recently (magnesium).
At my home, some fields are filled with fossil-derived organic lime, and other fields are filled with magnesium lime of about 100kg / 10a.

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