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We began to “hand rubbing tea” sale.

“Hand rubbing tea” was finished.
It will be same as last year “5 generation Yasuhiro humbly made,” said two of the “6 generation Takahiro humbly made.”
It will be with each 700 yen / 10g (excluding tax).
Hand rubbing tea is only the city tea products human hand all the work. Therefore, it is said that the origin of the tea-making.
While leaving the shape of the tea leaves, go to tea, the technology has become a way of rubbing hands.
Taste, tea originally deeply, and finished with a mild taste. And the warmth of the human hand, craftsmanship is that bring out the taste and aroma of the origin of the tea, it is the beauty of rubbing hands.
Reservation number for, and the rest only.

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