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Having a high quality

This tea, what color of tea leaves is the difference seen from the middle?
This is referred to as a covering cultivation (cover under cultivation), during the shoot of growth, it says that the way to grow is to block the certain period of time light covers the tea with a light-shielding materials.
By blocking the light, it is not in green tea is grown in the open air, you will tea with bright green and distinctive aroma and mellow flavor and sweetness.Having a high
By tea is to be shielded by covering the shoots, leaves increases thin, sprout is maintained soft.
In addition, the degradation rate of chlorophyll is suppressed, sprout becomes a dark green, improves rough brown swamp. Also, in the inner quality surface is suppressed changes to the tannin from the amino acid is umami component when a certain period of time shading, it becomes something of high quality, it will emit a unique elegant fragrance that is at the same time referred to as “covered incense“.
For these reasons, by adjusting the degree of coating periods and shading, from those of the quality close to “Gyokuro” until what improved Irosawa of green tea”, to cultivate the leaves to be different crude tea quality I can.
At home and introduces a method for making has high quality.
This tea is going to pick tomorrow.


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