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Year-end greetings

With an early thing, it was the year-end time when I said hello.
When it is put to all of you, I am pleased more and more when it is I’m glad to hear that you are well and prospering.
I carried a foot to us, and thank you while there were many shops.
I met many people through Sayama tea in this Year and it was possible and was one year when I had you share happiness from.
I thank you heartily and give thanks.
To have close association not to change again next year; thanking you in advance.
The suspension of business period of our beginning of the year as follows.
[suspension of business period] From January 1 to January 3
It usually from January 4 becomes the business.
There is it in the writing brush end, but should be year-end greetings.
limited company TOUBU
Sayama tea  Yokotaen
yokotaen tribe TOBLOOM
Representative director Yasuhiro Yokota

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