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I show that a shop is a cleansed place

The shop got ready to meet god controlling a zodiacal year.
This “age God”
・God who was believed in in various areas of Japan
・God (God of the Shinto) concerned with the farming that was important to Japanese life
But, I take long time, and it is thought that it is identified and became present god controlling a zodiacal year.
What invite god controlling a zodiacal year says that I do meeting that “staple grains are fertile” and pray for various happiness such as “longevity” “perfect state of health” “my wife security” “height of business filler”.
I give glory to “the decorating with sacred straw festoons” indicating being a cleansed place to invite God controlling a zodiacal year.
I am it with the thing which touched the decorations such as mascots on the Shinto straw festoon with “Daphniphyllum macropodum” to pray for descendant prosperity, “a bitter orange” to pray for to prosper from generation to generation without handing over “a fern with white-backed leaves”, a family expressing “paper appendix” (I do it and appear), integrity to express advent of God of this “decorated sacred straw festoon”, and running out.

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