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November 1, 2015, “the 26 Mawasayama Grand Tea Ceremony” was held at the Sayama Inariyamakoen.
With green tea “Akiramatsu Ming Ming” and gyokuro “Ilima road Irimaji” to the friendship city, Niigata Prefecture Tsunan of the famous water “Ryukekubo study abroad pot of water” that was nurtured in Sayama, tea ceremony of the junior and senior high schools and each school together 13 tea ceremony of has been prepared.
While koto of tone by the Sayama three songs League sounds, such as the exhibition of those involved in the tea party in the center of the tea ceremony, such as haiku exhibition was held.
There are also such Tsunan of agricultural products of product exhibition and sweets of the booth, we were enjoying a lot of people Tachigao tea is blessed with weather.
Our sixth generation has made a showcase of “hand rubbing tea recipe” in one corner of the venue.

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