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2015 fiscal best tea production has ended.

April 27 from the began home of new tea production, we’ve settled down Omotte May 18 yesterday.
The growth of this year’s shoots by day’s chilly after snowfall of April 8 was followed, it became the start of the harvest of late about five days from the usual new tea.
Then frost without any, early growth at once also the weather to the blessed tea buds, such as reminiscent of the summer, it became the end even five days than usual as it were done quickly.
This year’s new tea I is said to yield many, quality is also good, including taste also.
Please enjoy the delicious “Sayama new tea”.
Contact shame 22 days, as tea temperature gauge when you rub the tea, “right hand” who have worked as Shiko meter is black enters astringent tea concentrate is to fingerprint.
It is also a testament made a delicious tea.

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