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Before rainy

If you thought it was gone typhoon No. 10, also moving the following typhoon No. 12 west about 60km of Minami Daito Island in northeast
From the impact until September 3 to 7 days, about five days of continuous rain has been forecast.
Fertilizer, dissolved by water to decompose in the soil, nutrients are absorbed into the tea tree.
It has been that there is good to carry out the fertilization on the day before the rain.
But what is also due to typhoon this time of the rain, I just pray that you do not become a heavy rain of enough to shed the topsoil.
Fertilizer to be applied in the fall has a higher weight to give to the efficient and yield than the fertilizer to be applied in the spring.
In the autumn fertilizer, there is a purpose to restore the vigor that was weakened by the plucking of the summer, photosynthesis of October and November will be absorbed available for active time.
Because the features of the tea of ​​the root is the most active and consists of 10 to November, it will be the ideal to apply to back-calculated so that the peak of fertilizer effect will come in early October.
In the Sayama region to visit early autumn among the tea producing area, and subjected to a fall fertilizer early (around the beginning of September).

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