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Chance of the learning

I participated in a bid sale of “expo of the 45th Kanto block tea” and “the 39th FGTC Sayama”.
The bid sale is worried about the bidding price, but becomes a few opportunities when I can compare the company’s exhibition tea with other tea because I can really have sample tea in my hand.

What is one’s fortune which I exhibited more different in than other things? 
I regarded it as the mainstream, and what did The judge examine? 
What should I be careful about next year on exhibiting it?
In addition, the circulation price as a cuttlefish 
When because the circulation and tea selling may be far apart, the management method of the style that process a tea leaf produced in one’s field, and sells watches a successful bid price; of the thing of the market price have an idea.
In addition, it is a chance to hear various stories from an exhibitor, tea dealers in various places in charge of the production of the person concerned with each tea business.

In “the bid society ,” it is said very much to study cultivation, production, the circulation, and it is with an opportunity.
I make use of this learning in the making of tea of the next fiscal year.

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