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Chemical improvement of the soil

In this season, I often performed application of the fast-acting artificial manure such as ammonium sulfates as “after-season fertilizing” for the second tea, but changed it to fertilization for the purpose of chemical improvement of the soil because it became clear that the tea tree absorbed soil origin nitrogen so-called fertility of soil nitrogen from a recent study positively over from June to August.
I am called “the soil improvement” with “the chemical improvement of the soil” and perform it to see overs and shorts from the result of the soil diagnosis.
For a chemical price, pH, nitrogen, phosphoric acid, Cali (lime), magnesium (magnesia) are main ingredients.
It is not necessary to be particular at time to perform soil improvement, but performs it before generally doing autumn manure.
I supplement magnesium by giving nitrogenous fertilizer abundantly in my home because magnesia does eluviation and lacks.

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