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Christmas is over, too

It “is a battledore” to color a shop.
The battledore celebrates first New Year holidays of the girl and is an important decoration to pray for jumping, and removing malarial air, and growing up safely beautifully.
As for the history of the battledore, burr branch play carried out in the Imperial Court from the seventh century is said to be the origin, and a spatula which I used-shaped branch changes, and it is said to a battledore that it was.
A custom to give The house where the girl was born from the spell “that a child is not stabbed in by a mosquito” because thing called “the soapberry”, it having been thought, “a child does not get sick”, the state that the feather flies in resemble a dragonfly to a daimyo the wing which there is with a battledore in the Edo era begins, and it is said that I play a battledore and came to decorate it as a decoration in a house for New Year holidays of the festival doll.
Until small New Year holidays, please let letting me display it.

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