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Convey to sense air

anuary 19, and has been participating in Iruma field agricultural cooperatives merger 20th anniversary “asset management organization Liaison Committee Memorial Seminar”.
Part 1 Legal Seminar “for harmonious inheritance”
The second part entitled as a memorial lecture as “Laughter is the mind of nutrients”, was San’yu-tei Enraku’s talk of rakugo.
An hour and a half of regulation time of Enraku’s lecture it was a blink.
Rakugo only the laughter of pot, you have knowledge of the timing, it was surprised to more than that, indeed medical terms, and that the data, figures, history has jumped fluently.
Laughter is an advanced emotions that have human beings only of yourself also to smile in the same way with respect to smile when the other party does not have a distortion in mind defenseless.
In addition, laughter is also intended delay the old to forget the pain.
People, it becomes positive thinking because there is a mind-power-greed (well), made to move things.
Open the mind, by saying a lot of the magic of words (thank you, I’m sorry) with a smile, is able to survive cheerfully now stress society. something like.
In that story, or most the remaining of the impression the thing called “culture”, it is transmitted to a sense of air? was.
Entertainment is, of course, but this is made me thought that be said even in tea industry.
Just simply have turned their eyes to just to sell tea, thing called air around it, I wonder had you understand the customer up there? When
Tea is a Japanese culture itself that has been passed on to the Japanese, while involved in daily life closely, has been both development. Precisely because it is essential to life, space that causes the operation of “drink” is than important?
It had been saying also Mr. Enraku, it might be the space creation of “hearthstone” or “living room”.
The rich to time and space making a life, we want to continue to outgoing with culture of Japanese tea.

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