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Customers from the town cities and agriculture coexist

Tama City, Tokyo agricultural committee of everyone, certified farmers of everyone was please come to our company.
It is a request in the fact that Senshinchi, but Tama but has declined rapidly farmland in urban development with a focus on Tama New Town, is the area which is also referred to as a role model of suburban agriculture.
What to should we tell the people of the region …
Listed agricultural committee of Tama, in proceeding of urbanization “petting farm which aims to exchange with citizens” realized and the “city of cities and agriculture coexist.”
For like was interested we are going “learning experience” and “Green Tree prism”, also I was also interested for the six primary industrialization.
the feeling that you think is in together, and I would like you understand the re-discovery and the effectiveness of farmland towards many citizens, it has only a blink of an eye time only people with enthusiasm.
I area I want to work hard each other also different.

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