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Estimated embryonic 50 days ago around …

Spring equinox also the end, it became finally spring seems cheerful.
Finally it is the start of full-fledged “branch trim in the spring.”
And a uniform plucking surface of each tea period, the work Koha and twigs during plucking in machine align the surface to avoid contamination to the harvested shoots is called “branch adjust”, the time of performing the Seieda for most tea is called “branch to arrange to Spring” things.
Warm in rural areas to say “branch to arrange in the fall”, sometimes be finished within the autumn.
Since the “work to adjust the spring” the winter, leaving the previous year growth leaves compared to the work that you arrange to fall, and work in a positive in terms of nutrient accumulation, has the effect of further protect most tea plucking surface from irrigation.
Although most tea-life is somewhat slow, it will be tea bud heavy-.
Around before 50 days period of estimated embryonic “branch to arrange in the spring” will have been said to be proper time.
Many place to greet the embryonic in mid-April – late case of Saitama Prefecture, you can now be and mid-March – early April back calculation becomes a proper time.
Time is too early Seieda surface is suddenly exposed to the cold sometimes undergo irrigation, it also leads to a slow and most tea plucking of time delay to reverse.
For new tea, it becomes very important work.
Niece became a spring break also me to help.

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