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For most tea quality improvement of

Fertilizer called “fertilizer that sprout” is what you need to growth of buds of quality improvement and a secondary crop of best tea.
Best absorption rate to the bud of the tea is a fertilizer 5-8% to sprout, two, are also to be about the same as the absorption rate of to a three-crop. Bud out Shi fertilizer is available to fast-acting chemical fertilizer, embryonic before and after has been the most effective is high.
“Chiyoda Chemical 15-14-9” to use in the home is a tea-only
The fertilizer that sprout of tea, super Rongusera – in staple goods, special phosphoric acid 2 ammonium and sulphate of potash by the patent of San’aguri is in the main component, fertilizer efficiency of phosphoric acid is very high, solubility, permeability is what you are as good as unparalleled.
Price is tension a little, but the tea quality improvement, you do not essential to the revenue growth.

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