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For the purpose of deepening interchange of knowledge and the information of the Sayama tea

attended at “association of Saitama tea business technology” ordinary session of the Diet in 2017.
This association consists of person concerned with including the Saitama prefecture tea business and tea business affiliate 122 and is intended that I contribute to development of the Sayama tea by holding a thing and a workshop to deepen interchange of knowledge, the information by publishing information magazine such as production engineering about the tea business, examination results of research.
After the general meeting end, I invited Mr. history of Japanese green tea instructor Kawaguchi tree to the lecturer, and “2017 tea business technology association forums “latest kind trend” was held”.
I run the store specializing in kind tea “disposition tree” in Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama, and Kawaguchi of the lecturer is a member of association of Saitama tea business technology, and even the member of the Saitama tea business young people’s association comes.
I was familiar with national kind tea and introduced the latest kind trend from various viewpoints.
Of four kinds of 3 kinds attracting attention now looked, and performed tea.
Taste is a felt kind in delicacy without the processed tea quality being superior with a thing chosen from the F1 plant raised from a seed group which “I am clear, and crossbred green” as a pollen parent in 1992 which is superior in processed tea quality by a seed parent, premature delivery in “Fuusyun” where there is many it of the “Seimei” yield which is said that I am suitable for production of the green tea by the coating cultivation of high quality through all tea period, and the light blue being tinged with blue, and a tea smell being felt after the second-rate tea in the summer.

When “Haruto 34″ premature delivery, and the tea which can harvest is superior in processed tea quality early the bitterness pole that suppressed parent is slightly early, and can harvest ” Saemidori ” and, with the thing which  and was brought up as a pollen parent with “Sakimidori” which cold resistance is strong, and is superior luster and color, it is possible for processed tea the heavy price in the first tea early days at prospective time; of high quality, is a value-added high kind.

With the Kirari 31″ thing which “Saemidori and was broughtup as a pollen parent with  which“ Sakimidori and taste is strong by a seed parentpremature delivery with  and is superior in processed tea quality which cold resistance is slightly strong by premature deliveryand is superior luster and color that is superior even if amino acid content is highand be superior tothe luster and colorand process it into a“Gyokuro” “flashingtea ”cold resistance other than preparation green tea of mediumquality a “Gyokuro” “flashingtea ”even if  and process it into teaquality is a green tea article class of superior premature delivery.

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