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From Javanese tea country

Ratna Somantri who is make yourself your work of consultants in Indonesia was please come to our company.
This Ratna Somantri’s, you can create a tea lovers community, you can promote the advance Indonesia tea party, Are You a Japanese tea mania such as serve and tea story of seminar lecturer.
In the book entitled “in A Cup of Tea”, she is therefore but love the tea in China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and visited countries such as Kuala Lumpur, I learned about more direct tea from tea industry people It has been written firmly.
This time, that came to Japan for just by looking at the “phlox”, “eel” and “Japanese tea” and “Sakura”.
Was please impressed by the beauty of the sprout.
She excited to riding management device.
It was make yourself surprised to large number of manufacturing process of Japanese tea.
In stay of five days, I think if it is possible to know the splendor of even a little “Japan”.
I found her Twitter
Also discovered her this video


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