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Help of “the career education”

I promote a career education to bring up outlook on outlook on work of the each high school student, occupation in the Saitama Board of Education, and to wear the power that can become independent as a member of society, a careerist.
“The narrow tea (さこうちゃ) project” of the Saitama that we helped with Prefectural Sayama technical high school shined in honor of the excellence Prize with “Saitama carrier educational practice Award 2019” as a superior practice example of the career educations.

I learn outlook on significance and occupation of working by wearing ability necessary that each student appears in the society with the career education and becomes independent as a careerist and acquire posture and a manner to wrestle for work eagerly and am intended that I enlighten it to be independent, and to be able to choose one’s course, and, in the promotion of this career education, the role of the company increases.

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