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How to take advantage of the hometown tax payment

Make a donation to the municipal local governments want to their birthplace and cheer “hometown tax payment” system is I think you know.
That began as a “gimmick” to collect a lot of donations, it is the return goods give and local specialties to donors.
Popularity of goods is the price of 3 to 5 percent of the donation, it has been attracting attention in such Furekomi of the Internet site of the “get a lot of thanks at a substantially burden 2000 yen”.
People to donate in accordance with local government increases to be introduced also increased, although the donations of 08 fiscal system was founded seems to have been a total of 8.1 billion yen in the whole country, 14 in fiscal 389 billion yen, 45.3 billion yen in the last fiscal year September It seems to have reached.
Even in Sayama, to cheer the hometown “Sayama”, the person who had the more than 1 million of your donation, as a thank you, to gift you a return etc. depending on the donation amount to “Sayama hometown tax payment system” 2015 It started from the year April 1 (Friday).
In response to this hometown tax payment system in the city, thoughts and to the hometown Sayama, I have a sense of participation to our town Sayama of town planning, the donations according to the hope of the donation’s everybody, the aim of future development , in order to build a bright future of Sayama, the driving force to become a source of “Hitozukuri” and livable environment “protect beautiful nature” that will be utilized, such as.
Sayama charm of PR also serves as was one of the memorabilia of thanks of our confectionery department “TOBLOOM” handmade, packed combination of Sayama tea Suites stuck to the additive-free, also Sayama two sum tea and Suites packed matching the we were allowed to prepare.

[A group] Handmade, is Sayama tea Suites of assorted stuck to the additive-free.
Saitama Prefecture brand “Kuni hometown authentication food premium” certified food of cookies, including the snow balls, baked goods using the “sparkle of Aya”, will deliver a set of jelly.

[Group B] And Sayama tea and the tea leaves of the own garden to use 100%, stick to the material, it is a set of additive-free Suites using the Sayama tea.
Please spend a good time faint sweetness is felt as “Sayama tea” in Suites.

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