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I began “cheesecake sale luxurious in Sayama tea”.

“tea wait Sayama full” that is a pet name of Sayama-shi at the Sayama chamber of commerce “the Sayama Tea gourmet plan” that started for the purpose of activation of sightseeing promotion and the regional economy of Sayama-shi by expressing it realistically
I began the sale of “the cheesecake luxurious in Sayama tea” with our confectionery section “TO BLOOM”.
The luxurious cheesecake which was particular about the subject matter a handicraft, no addition. It is a gem characterized by the basque-like mild bittersweetness and becoming conspicuous.
I am selling it for 300 yen/ (tax-excluded)
※I hand it in a frozen state about the product. I wait for what is defrosted naturally, and, please have it.

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