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For the purpose of building the relationship of mutual trust

The person of the shop in Sayama-shi becomes a lecturer and says the seminar of the small number of people system to tell a student attending a lecture (visitor) about technical knowledge and the information only in the specialty store, an art free with “a town seminar”.
I have you know existence, the characteristic of the shop and am the business for the purpose of building the relationship of mutual trust from a shop (a storekeeper and the staff) and the place of the communication of the visitor.

I participated in us and was able to finish the first safely yesterday.
Enhancing a taste of the tea “tea cake.”
In Japan, I prepare the tea cake which I put together in a season from ancient times, and there is a tradition to feel elegance.
“The tea cake” means food to eat with tea to enjoy a tea break.
How to read tea cake is said to be the time of the age of civil strife in “Ochauke” in the origin of the tea cake.
A chestnut, a dried persimmon, the shiitake simmered in miso came to be taken out in a tea-ceremony room.
From the Azuchimomoyama era through the Edo era, the Japanese sweet which was near to the present including “the kneading on fire limit” came to be taken out afterwards.
Because I say, and form is changed freely, the soft fresh sweets which I work out white bean jam and sugar, refined rice flour with “the kneading on fire limit”, and were made can be formed mimicking a plant and the animal which I put together in a season.
It “is the town seminar” in us to have “I finish working it out”, and making it have experience in parent and child while having Sayama tea.

This is a work of a student attending a lecture.
At first “the leaf” which I served as an exercise to everybody, and had you make it

the one of the things “bird” which had you produce it freely this time
I use “Sayama tea paste” and “roasted tea powder” to materials.

This is a work of child
“Hanging ear rabbit”
It is best with the state that you were able to enjoy.
※I took the image of the work from a student attending a lecture.

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