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I displayed a doll for the Boy’s Festival

I displayed “an armor decoration” in the shop.
Originally “the Boy’s Festival” was one of the ancient season event “five festivals” (the seasonal festival of the seven herbs, the Girl’s Festival, the Boy’s Festival, festival of bamboo (bamboo grass), the Feast of the Chrysanthemum) of China.
With “the festival ,” it is the meaning called the turning point of the season. Because malarial air was easy to stop by in the turning point of the season, I did a decoration and the offering thing every season and exorcised evil spirits, and it has manners and customs in hope of a perfect state of health.
the meaning called the day of horse where May is the first as for “the Iris Festival” in the old calendar.
When it was the Kamakura – Muromachi era when a samurai gained power, at this time, I took out an armor and a helmet in the samurai family, and there seemed to be a custom to decorate in a house.
I wound arms before eyes of the rainy season, and this seemed to be because it cared for it with summer airing of clothes.
It is said to come from the custom of such a samurai family that a helmet and a bow are displayed in the Boy’s Festival.

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