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I finished tea production most.

May 20
I finished the first tea (new tea) production of the harmony first year to give it an order to start.
By the getting chilled that is a new tea season said that is early that is early from the influence of the mild winter, but April from the end of March is sudden in comparison with last year the start by the approximately one week delay.
I started a house thing on April 22, 2019 and became the new tea production for approximately one month in the unstable weather such as it hails and the fall of frost afterwards.
There having been the rain which the new tea of this year had good winter dormancy state, and was moderate. I cut tea, and because there was not sudden heat, a leaf was soft, and thick splendid new tea of the taste was completed until the end.
All of you who had you already thoroughly enjoy new tea in various places who had a help, thank you very much.
Will have a little more at time to keep in all the products in whole year, but follow it; thank you for your cooperation.
I begin finishing it and tea plantation management work for the second tea of the new tea from today.

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