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I make delicious Sayama tea steamed for a long time at the Yokota farm(Learn)

I came the other day in “Noguchi bear Taro tea plantation” (Tokutaro Noguchi store) in Sakai-machi, Sashima-gun located in the west end of Ibaraki in the training trip of a certain business group.
This “Noguchi bear Taro tea plantation” (Tokutaro Noguchi store) accepts a visit and inspection positively to explain the action of history and us of the hometown Sashima-tea to have you feel a tea break closer again for new tea culture promotion.
It was here Sashima that Japan exported Japanese green tea to the foreign countries for the first time, and production Sashima-tea seemed to be a start.
I am ashamed from thought to want you to enjoy it more easily in a long-established store tea plantation spreading out in the ground of such historical Sashima from 1874 from 2001 and sell the powder tea again here.
This powdery tea developed it jointly with a tea house of wealth Taro and Saitama, Shizuoka for the fifth generation and seemed to produce it for the first time in Japan.
The making of place where it can enjoy a tea break to have wrestled as the first step of the creation of new tea culture again.
It is the Japanese first real Japanese green tea cafe to have let you open there! I can enjoy the full-course meal of the sweets which I used the seasonal vegetables and fruit of the tea Taro’s cafe “mountain” for abundantly and seem to be able to thoroughly enjoy several kinds of tea mainly on the Sasima- tea.
I want to value a demand and the voice of the visitor here. It seems to be a place enabling it.
In addition, “Noguchi bear Taro tea plantation” (seem to research and develop the new product to be able to enjoy entirely without leaving over tea tree (tea leaf, tea fruit, simple flower arrangement for a tearoom, tea root) that is tea medicinal properties at the Tokutaro Noguchi store.)
Not only I suggested that I drank tea, but also, as for the relief, the figure which did that I helped the safe making of product and the health of all humankind in a motto, it was with big learning for the next generation.

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