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I make delicious Sayama tea steamed for a long time at the Yokota farm(Learn)

“Seafood taste made with cup of instant noodle powdered green tea powdered green tea” that was sold newly on Monday, January 23
As one of “the Japan, noodles” which featured the theme of Japan, a flavor of the powdered green tea was increased with conventional seafood noodles by a basis.
In a package, the character who painted traditional Japanese scenery and culture and a modern image of Japan by cross-fertilization, an ukiyoe print-like touch coolly is laid out, and it is with a design feeling unprecedented “Japan”.
“A powdered green tea artefact” is used for soup, and “powdered green tea” becomes the tea-buckwheat noodles-like green noodles that a cup of instant noodle becomes naive in history to noodles.
here is a mellow fragrance of “the seafood” when I pour boiling water.
I was able to only feel almost none of the fragrances like the powdered green tea to be.
The soup is thick, and body of the cheese powder is felt.
Taste of such a soup more strongly spreads in a mouth when I slurp noodles.
Unfortunately almost none of the flavors of the powdered green tea is felt. .where has the fragrance that the powdered green tea is faintly sweet in the fragrance that is a mil key I say that I slightly feel powdered green tea in a fragrance to be able to pull a nose.
Rather than powdered green tea, it is the feeling called strong seafood noodles of a feeling of milk.
Oneself who liked ramen of the systems without any regret has got tired a little probably because it was heavy while I ate.
This is a personal impression to the last. Because there is individual difference for how to feel about taste, approve it.

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