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I mow the hem part, and a last joke influences a yield

I cut the hem of the tea plantation and work.
It is apt to be thought that yields decrease because an area to pick up tea decreases when I cut a hem part, but has an influence on growth and the yield of the tea tree by this work.
Nourishment and water are used to other effective branches by cutting it as a useless branch, and dropping the branch of the hem part, and it is said to production that I have a good influence.
In other words I bring good influence to a harvest as much as translocation of the nourishment to the branch part which hung down disappears because the nourishment that I saved in a root to an effective branch moves to a leaf.
In addition, it is hard to walk between the ridges that are not spread out in the origin of stock in the case of fertilization, and the branch of the hem part interferes in management work. This contributes that efficiency of the work worsens and reduces precision. I cut it, and, only in a purpose to cancel these, a hem moiety is effective for the last joke.

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