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I would like you to become a “storyteller” of life and culture of Sayama

Was established in April 2014 as a philosophy of “creating mechanisms that take advantage of the human resources and people who support a healthy Sayama,” “Sayama citizen University”
Everyone you are yourself majoring in special course “living cultural tradition course of Sayama” in its reblogged please come to our tea and tea factory tour.
Lore course is so learn about such annual events and food culture occupation and (livelihood) about it, such as fields, vineyards, tea, sericulture, which has been run by the municipal organization enforcement before.
The Sayama, these related to detailed documentation is not much left, people who know these things has become less every year.
“To record the memory of these people!” To the fact that “I tell the wisdom of this people to posterity utilize it,” was held in purpose, it is this course.
Through this course, it is so is that the purpose of grow “storyteller of life and culture of Sayama”.
I think if you can bring them become a storyteller of many people, even one person is “Sayama tea”.

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