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Important management work for the next year’s buds

Tea plantation branching at this time can be said to be an important task to determine the state of the tea plantation from next year onward depending on the degree and timing.
Even in Sayama, where the third tea is not pruned, pruning after the second tea is necessary.
This is to eliminate uneven growth.
If you leave it alone after picking the second tea, thick branches and thin branches will be mixed in autumn, and the thickness of the branches will become uneven.
The strength of this branch causes unevenness of the first tea buds of the following year.
Pruning at this stage is an important management task for the next year’s buds. ..
In recent years, after the second tea, the main purpose is to renew the leaf layer and reduce the height of the tree every year, and depending on the tree vigor, branching about 3 to 5 cm from the plucked surface may be performed.
However, if it is performed every year, if the branches are branched at the same height (part), the twigs will grow densely, and the subsequent growth of buds may be poor. You have to think about the timing and depth of the branches.

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