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In order to ensure the porosity

As the year 20 times in the riding type introduced tea, to take advantage of the furrow as a passage, by the crawler of trampling, physical deterioration of furrow soil has been concern.
Regardless of the type of soil, porosity soil depth of 5 ~ 15cm of the furrow it is has been pressure-tight is low.
By cultivating using the machine This is called a subsoiler, tea garden and almost the same degree of porosity of portable plucking machine is reserved.
Also cultivate by subsoiler is compared to the reversal deep plowing, physical improvement effect is large, by performing every year in autumn, leaves yield one and secondary crop of the next and subsequent years have been said to be increased by about an average of 15%.
Subsoiler to break the trampling soil
It will penetrate to a depth of about 30cm
Application before
After application

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