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In order to improve the physical properties of soil

In the riding-type management system introduced tea, about a year 14-16 times, and then use the furrow as a passage.
Therefore, regardless of the type of soil by crawler trampling, by soil depth of 5 ~ 15cm between ridge is compacted, physical deterioration of the furrow the soil is concerned.
This machine is called take “Sabusoira”, by pulling in about depth 30cm from the soil surface those that are shaped like a “plow”, air loosening the soil to improve the physical properties enter the soil .
Tea substantially the same degree of porosity of the portable plucking machine is ensured by performing this task.
This Sabusoira deep tillage is compared to the reversal cultivate, physical improvement effects have been greater, we also found that the leaf yield of the one-two crop since next year is increased by about an average of 15%.

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