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Jump ahead

It is renewed released on March 22, from Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd. to “Kirin raw tea,” I was able to get to jump ahead.
The new “green tea”, while to cherish the essence of green tea, without being bound by tradition and common sense, it is said to have challenge to innovation.
After carefully extracting the raw tea leaves at a low temperature, that with the addition of powder tea of ​​the “whole” was finely pulverized “covered tea” with the latest technology.
Package in bottle shape and modern label sum such as glass bottles to overturn the image of the traditional green tea, was reborn as a high-quality and stylish design.
Was renewed this time, “Kirin raw tea” want to change the current situation of the Japanese tea, new Umarekawa goods in feeling that.
By containing the powder tea, and finished with a tea to feel the flavor and sweetness than ever.
That does not light blue was never praised, be no problem to drink directly from the bottle …
Our producer was also a pet beverages such as got to go … it hints challenge to the new one while to take care of the tradition.

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