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Pray for business prosperity

I did a Star Festival decoration although being small in my home.
The Star Festival is often held as one of the tray events, and originally the Star Festival legend that reached it from a festival and China praying for a good harvest is put together with it, and it is thought that it is made a custom, and it was said.
In the first place it is said that it is on the evening of 7th that I enshrine altar and Moth in hope of a good harvest with the thing which I transcribed into “shelf Moth” and came to write the Star Festival with the Star Festival from a thing.
I pray for business prosperity and display it to “Irumagawa, Sayama-shi Star Festival Festival” in my home.
I am told that the Iruma River Star Festival is held next to the Sendai Star Festival for the Star Festival for a long time and am counted in one of the Kanto three large Star Festival.
Approximately 1.5 kilos of the main street called the Star Festival street becomes the vehicle-free promenade in front of Seibu Shinjuku Line SayamashI Station becoming the neighborhood station of the meeting place.
A stand and a stall link the eaves at the vehicle-free promenade and mall.

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