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Preparing to welcome the old god

The shop also prepared to welcome Toshigami.
This “year-old god”
・ God worshiped in various parts of Japan
・ Agricultural gods that were important to Japanese life (Shinto gods)
It is believed that over the years, he was identified and became the current god of age.
Welcoming the old god means welcoming you to wish for various happiness, such as “five grain abundance,” “longevity,” “no illness,” “safety at home,” and “prosperity of business.”
To welcome the old god, we will decorate a “note-ream decoration” that indicates that it is a clean place.
This “Shimenawa decoration” is a “paper shide” that represents the advent of God, a “back white” that represents innocence, and a “yield leaf” that gives up the family line and wishes for the prosperity of descendants. The desired “orange” is a shimenawa with decorations such as lucky charms.

This battledore was given to the grandson from his wife’s parents’ house, and has the meaning of amulet and amulet.
Combined with the widespread and congratulatory shape, it has been decorated with gorgeous decorations since the Edo period, and has been decorated as a celebration of the new year.

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