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The pruning and renewal work after the first tea has been completed.

Even if the first tea is picked at the right time (around 70% opening), delayed buds will occur after that.
If this delayed bud is left unattended, it will become hard leaves at the time of the next second tea picking and will be mixed with the second tea bud, leading to quality deterioration.
The purpose of “pruning work” is to remove this delayed bud.
Also, if you harvest only the first tea and leave it until autumn, pruning will not be performed and the tea buds will grow for a period of time.
Due to its long length, the autumn buds are overgrown. As a result, the number of pruned branches on the autumn pruned surface is small and the branches are thickened, leading to a decrease in the number of pruned teas and a decrease in yield the following year.
In other words, pruning the tea plantation at this time can be said to be an important task to determine the state of the tea plantation from next year onward depending on the degree and timing.

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