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“The world of “the Sayama tea” made specially in Saitama!2018″

On forthcoming Saturday, September 1 in Saitama Stadium Hiroshi Minami ground “the world of the event “Sayama tea” made specially in Saitama when 2018″ is held; of we confectionery section “TOBLOOM”, please let “is deep”, and exhibit a chiffon cake and “a roasted tea chiffon cake” of the tea which steamed.
This wants to know the special product “Sayama tea” of Saitama more; is sponsorship in と thought J1 league Section 25 Urawa Reds vs. Cerezo Osaka round: A Saitama tea business young people’s associatiOn, a plan: Saitama 2002 Stadium, cooperation: It is held in a Saitama agriculture and forestry department, Institute for Saitama tea business.
the display of a tea leaf, tea daughter clothes is carried out sale of the Sayama tea gourmet, history, good point, how to raise Sayama tea on that day.
“I look, and the most moving passage tastes it” and! It becomes the event felt Sayama tea with all the five senses.
I wait for coming of all of you heartily.
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