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Then lead event

October 23, “Sayama City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Festival” was held.
Is held “Halloween costume contest,” “stamp rally” as a special project this year, it ended on a high popularity.
Especially sweets catching stamp rally can popular a large matrix, Maybe it was enough to add a candy …
Also costume contest is also so people of 200 people near the total of the who participated.
As a member of the “Sayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chagyo Group” Among them, we were allowed to help.
In good weather as much as this year spend in the short-sleeved, water out green tea is popular.
Warm tea and water out green tea, we have to also of tasting 3000 full of both.
Also this year is the fact that content suitable for the “tea fragrant town Sayama”, held a “burning experience,” using the “baking pan”.
The “baking pan” is a kind of pot of clay used to roast the tea leaves and you salt rice, beans and ginkgo, etc..
By roast the tea, the objective is to enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted.
Prepared tea leaves was a very popular enough to be completed in less than two hours.
Also to “Luigi” and “Mario” I was eat the “Sayama tea”.
This year’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Festival to new planning, but visitors is, of course, I think that it was an event that can be enjoyed parties.
We are confident that became the events leading to the next year.

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