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This is the last fertilizer application work this year.

We apply humic acid fertilizer called “Azumin”.

It would be nice if we could sweep the fallen leaves and make compost, but the current situation is that it is difficult due to urbanization.
In such an environment, a fertilizer called “Azumin” is a substitute.
According to the official standards of the Fertilizer Control Law, this is classified as humic acid-soil fertilizer, and is defined as “coal or lignite decomposed with nitric acid and added with a basic magnesium-containing substance”.
In addition, in the soil fertility promotion method, it is classified as a rotted acid material of soil improvement material, and is defined as “soil improvement material obtained by decomposing coal or lignite with nitric acid and neutralizing it with calcium compound or magnesium compound”.
“Azumin” is one of the few materials that have received these two certifications, and it is a “soil-making fertilizer” that contains “humic acid” that is common to both definitions.

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