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To further brand strengthening of Sayama tea

Leave December 15, Sayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is co-sponsored course of Sayama and Sayama Tea Dealers Association in the “~ manufacturing knitting things to learn market-Sayama of knowledge” learn all the Sayama tea which aims to global brand, ‘”2 Following the times of training, we were allowed to podium as a lecturer in the fact that the last day “comprehensive”.
This course is a university professor, researcher, museum director, community broadcasting MC, Chamber of Commerce member, rough tea growers of Sayama tea, Sayama tea processing wholesaler, those over the full 15 times become Sayama tea retailer, etc. lecturer .
The “Summary”
While reflecting the feelings of each lecturer, I was allowed to talk in that it called “for the future,” the figure of the future of Sayama tea.
And with such opportunity is asked to re-recognize the “Sayama tea” in the familiar, we hope and that it lead to further strengthening of the brand “Sayama tea”.

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