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To learn from fair bid

I went to the “expo exhibition tea bid sales meetings and 37th FGTC Sayama 2014 exhibition tea tender sales events of the 43rd Kanto block tea”.
The “bid Meeting”, tea leaves that have been exhibited in various fairs have been served in a dish that dish “look Bon” is ordered – in order from the results higher.
Those members of the tea merchant and retail industries, and in which if there is a tea leaf to paper called “bidding documents” have entered the tax cost per 1Kg go put in the envelope that you want to handle, and gave the highest value tea skilled in the art will have the purchasing rights.
Highest bid price of this time 200,000 yen / kg
Even without that the tea that has been successful here are aligned in our shop, there are learn in just being here.
Of course able to see the good and bad tea, and his exhibition was tea
Also it you will see challenges point.
In the “appearance”, “aroma”, “light blue” rather than learn knowledge to “Jimi”, referred to as the “five senses”, “vision”, “smell”, “tactile”, “taste”, “hearing” the full advantage of “feel” We will remember.
It is this “insight” will have to go to next year of tea making. I believe Revitalizing should.
Next year what will do my best to be able to line up at the top.

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